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As our Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Les Mullings has been a faithful and visionary leader. He has led the once small church through several expansions and remodeling projects. The latest stands at 1414 Central Avenue, a testimony to God’s provision, promise, and potential. Rising from the corner of Central and Nameoke, the building houses an affordable housing complex, community spaces, and new church facility including a state of the art sanctuary.

Rev. Mullings is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Challenge Preparatory Charter School. Focused on serving the long-term needs of the Far Rockaway community, he brought along trusted advisors to develop and create Challenge Preparatory Charter School. The extensive, decade-long charter process was won. Challenge Charter School currently serves almost 1000 students in grades K-10, and the CTE and Early College high school opened in August 2020. Graduates have the chance to get 2 free years of college credit or trade certification in a number of exciting careers.

He is an active community leader serving New York City through multiple initiatives. He served former Mayor Michael Bloomberg on the Mayor’s Fatherhood Initiative. He helped provide counseling for children and adults around the clock after 9/11. He led the Far Rockaway community’s response to the American Airlines crash in November 2007 for NYC, and spearheaded Project Sandy after Super Storm Sandy devastated the Rockaways. He has also been active in responding to various crisis situations involving the public schools, race relations, and police actions on-behalf of NYC.

In 2013, Mullings spoke as part of the State of the State Address in Albany. He opened the 2014 NY State Democratic Convention. He also served as host for the 2016 Regional State of the State Address.

Under Mayor de Blasio’s administration, Mullings hosted multiple city events including the Resource and Recovery Job Fair, bringing a few thousand people together from across the borough.

The Rev. Dr. Les Mullings a recipient of multiple awards in recognition of his passionate service and faithful ministry to Far Rockaway and the city beyond.

“For over thirty years Community Church has served the underserved in New York City and in particular the Rockaways! The next thirty years will be no different except we will reach more via affordable housing, ongoing education efforts and community health programs!

Rev. Dr. Les Mullings, Senior Pastor

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